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If you have not figured it out yet, I love contests. I just love them.

So, here’s another one.

It would make for a great project for high-school classes and teen library groups (and it has a really really cool prize):


I don’t yet have a book trailer and my MySpace page is looking really drab, so here’s the deal: Submit a video book trailer for my novel, BIG SLICK, by the deadline and the best one wins! I won’t put any constraints on the trailer (length, content, etc) other than that it has to do a good job at promoting BIG SLICK, sort of like a teaser or a commercial would. Professional quality, depth of knowledge of the book, capturing the mood of the novel & characters, and “teaser” qualities will all be factors in the judging. In addition to myself, two professional video producers will be rating the videos. In the event of more than one trailer really hitting the mark, I will put the decision to popular vote right here on my blog!

CONTEST DEADLINE: March 1st, 2008

SUBMISSION RULES: When you have completed your video trailer contact me via my website (www.ericluper.com) and I will give you the email address to which you need to send the electronic file.

FABULOUS PRIZES: For those of you who don’t yet know, my second novel is a horseracing story set in 1934 Saratoga. It is slated for release with Farrar, Straus and Giroux in July 2009. So here’s the wicked cool prize: the creator of the best book trailer for BIG SLICK gets to name a horse in my next novel* and will receive a signed Advance Copy of my forthcoming novel as soon as it becomes available! I told you there would be a really cool prize! Enter as many times as you wish, but know that making a video is no easy task!


To help get this contest out into the world, I ask that you post about it on your own blog, website, vlog or whatever. If you notify me via my website (www.ericluper.com) with a link or some other proof that you’ve promoted THE BIG FAT BIG SLICK BOOK TRAILER CONTEST you’ll be entered into a random drawing to name a horse in the novel* as well!

How cool is that?

So, get going and bring this contest to the attention of any aspiring movie makers you might know! As I said earlier, it would make a great project for high-school classes and teen library groups--especially those really cool teen libraries that have all that movie editing software and whatnot!

Now git!

* All horse names are subject to approval by the author for appropriateness and the author cannot guarantee your horse winning, placing or showing in a race, or for that matter making it through the race alive!

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