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May 25th, 2011

2011 pic

Signings, Past and Future

I had a fantastic time on my very first visit to Brooklyn. I signed copies of Jeremy Bender alongside one of my favorite authors, Emily Jenkins, at the Book Court in Cobble Hill. Emily has a new book out called Invisible Inkling which I am really looking forward to reading.


Cupcakes were graciously provided by HarperCollins and the kids who came out to see us (as well as many adults) enjoyed them. We both spoke to the kids for a few minutes about our new books and then answered questions. It was fun fielding questions alongside another author as attendees could see the similarities and differences between us.

Here are some really cool photos a friend of mine took when he dropped by:

Coming Up: So, if you couldn't make the signing at the Book Court or last week's signing at The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, give Troy, NY a try! I will be signing copies of all my books at Market Block Books this Friday night from 6pm until ???. It's "Troy Night Out" so leave extra time to wander around the streets of Troy and check out all the cool boutiques, restaurants and arts! Another cool surprise is that we are going to have a visit from the Bettie's Cakes truck! Don't miss it!