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May 2nd, 2011

2011 pic

Cool Cupcake Cadets Contest!

Hows that for alliteration? We are one day away from the release of my newest novel (my first for middle-grade readers!) and the excitement is ramping up! I wanted to kick off this week of celebrations with a quick and easy contest, so keep reading!!!

Here is the cover of Jeremy Bender vs. the Cupcake Cadets which comes out on May 3rd:

The Cool Cupcake Cadet Contest

I have designed a small number of highly embellished and signed copies of Jeremy Bender vs the Cupcake Cadets. Here is one version:

Have you ever seen a book signed so marvelously? It's cute enough to eat! If you are interested in obtaining one of these limited-edition signed and embellished copies for yourself or a loved one (or if you hate it so much you want to burn it in a funeral pyre), there are a few ways to get one.

The first is to sign up for my very occasional newsletter at www.ericluper.com. I promise to only send emails once in awhile and only for really good reasons (like big events, awards, new books, etc). I will be giving away one embellished copy of Jeremy Bender to one new subscriber. But if you're already on my mailing list, don't fret. I'll be giving another copy away to one lucky person already registered for my newsletter.

But wait, there's another way to win...

Just post the following (or something similar) on Facebook or Twitter:

Sign up for Eric Luper's occasional email newsletter at ericluper.com for a chance to win a signed copy of his newest book, Jeremy Bender vs the Cupcake Cadets (out in stores 5/3)! Check out the details at http://eluper.livejournal.com/

Retweet or sign up for @ericluper newsletter at ericluper.com for a chance to win a signed copy of Jeremy Bender vs the Cupcake Cadets!

One copy will go out to a Twitter entry and one copy will go out to a Facebook entry! Be sure to tag me in your post or message me below to alert me of the post(s). Otherwise, I won't know you've entered. Feel free to enter in as many ways as you like and feel free to enter once today (5/2) and once tomorrow (5/3) to up your chances!

Best of luck and CUPCAKES FOR EVERYONE!!!!