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Book Release Day!

In case you're unaware, BUG BOY hit shelves today. In an effort to share all the glitz and glamour of a book release day with you, I've decided to outline what I did from sunup until now...

7am: Woke up because my son's shirt was stuck on his head and he needed help
7:05: Made coffee
7:10: Drank coffee
7:12: Willed Oprah to call me, failed
7:30: Helped daughter get ready for camp
7:45: Took shower so I would look good for Oprah
8:15: Made lunches for the kids
8:45: Drove kids to camp
9:00: Went food shopping so I'd have cheese and crackers for Oprah
10:00: Went to Starbucks for my free pastry in honor of BUG BOY's release!
10:40: Mowed lawn so yard would look tidy for Oprah
11:00: Felt honored when I found out today is Ernest Hemingway's birthday too!
11:30: Played a few songs on Rockband
12:30: Got to office and started into huge list of things-to-do
1:15: Willed Oprah to call me again, failed
3:00: Office hours began, started treating patients
3:30: Checked to make sure phone was working (see 1:15)
5:30: Still no word from Oprah.

Now this day may seem mundane, but there is no doubt it's been a very special one for me. Even the most prolific writer will only experience a book birthday a dozen or so times in a lifetime (unless that writer happens to be Stephen King or Elmore Leonard or someone). So many friends have reached out to me that I cannot begin to estimate how many emails, tweets, Facebook messages/comments and phone calls I've gotten. Thank you to every last one of you who took that extra step to make today extra extra special for me.

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